In a world where hyphenated genres are becoming the norm, all kinds of monikers are available for a contemporary folk band - post-folk, trad-core, alt-roots. File under World, or file under Celtic? Aerialists fits best with the beautifully contradictory term prog-trad, melding their ferociously creative harmonic sensibilities with a deep love for folk traditions. 

“Aerialists interweave Gaelic and Scandinavian folk traditions with jazz and just a hint of rock in an intoxicating blend." -Folk Radio UK

Aerialists formed in early 2014 when long-time collaborators Adam Iredale-Gray (Fish & Bird) and Elise Boeur (Jenny Ritter) joined Mairi Chaimbeul (Darol Anger & The Furies). 

Raised in a family of artists and musicians on the remote Isle of Skye, award-winning Scottish harpist Mairi Chaimbeul combines a deep-rooted sense of Gaelic tradition with a distinctive improvising voice and honed classical technique.

A founding member of critically acclaimed Canadian indie-folk band Fish & Bird, Adam Iredale-Gray has been touring hard for the past 9 years. His writing style draws on the formative Irish sessions of his youth in Victoria, as well as contemporary folk, jazz and pop influences such as Oliver Schroer, Brad Mehldau, and Bon Iver. His tunes have become part of the standard repertoire in Western Canadian fiddle circles.

Vancouver fiddler Elise Boeur immersed herself in traditional music in Ireland as a youth, later moving between jazz schools in North America and Norwegian folk music college deep in the mountains of Telemark. She has brought her sonic sensitivity and passion for folk traditions to a staggering variety of projects, from alt-folk Canadiana to prog metal.

Driven to create something tight and explosive from the very start, Aerialists wrote and rehearsed for nearly a year before their Boston debut. In 2015, they took this material to a small island off the west coast of British Columbia and crafted their debut EP in an isolated studio caught between ocean and forest. The band usually performs as a quintet, joined by exceptional bassists Nate Sabat and Wynston Minckler, and drummers including Jake Jenne, Sean Trischka, and Steven Foster.